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What does it take to be a productive 21st Century learner and teacher?



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Create flash based games or interactive tools for your content and students learning process.  Students will enjoy the interactivity and independent learning opportunities.  Give this site a try.  You will keep coming back for more!  http://www.classtools.net/misc/advert/flyer.pdf

Google is Getting it Right!!!

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I often read the Official Google Blog to stay current of their latest endeavors.  I must say, they are doing an incredible job!  They are now offering Google Sites for anyone who wants to establish a web presence.  It is so easy to do that even my nine year old son can do it.  If you want a web site for a classroom, business or just for personal use, you must check this out. 

The other portion of Google is the Google Docs offline option.  Work with you Google Docs and rss readers offline with Google Gears.  I will give a try to see how effective it is. Imagine a world without having to purchase another Microsoft application!!  Read what Google has to say!

“As long as I have an Internet connection, every change I make is saved to the cloud. When I lose my connection, I sacrifice some features, but I can still access my documents (for this initial release, you can view and edit word processing documents; right now we don’t support offline access to presentations or spreadsheets – see our help center for details). Everything I need is saved locally. And I do everything through my web browser, even when I’m offline (the goodness that Google Gears provides). When my connection comes back, my documents sync up again with the server.

It’s all pretty seamless: I don’t have to remember to save my documents locally before packing my laptop for a trip. I don’t have to remember to save my changes as soon as I get back online. And I don’t have to switch applications based on network connectivity. With the extra peace of mind, I can more fully rely on this tool for my important documents.”

Penzu – Online Notebook

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Create a free simple to use online notebook at Penzu.  It is so easy to use.  Just type, add pics and save or share.  If you have a classroom with computers, have you students take notes here and share them with you.  Get the paperless classroom environment with 24/7 accessibility.  How wonderful for students who miss school, can’t write well, or just need note and info. updates.  Very easy to use.  Give it a shot.

My New Web 2.0 Wiki

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I wanted to share my new wiki with everyone who likes to read this blog.  It’s called Web 2.0 Guru.  I don’t consider myself an expert, but wanted a catchy name.  I have added all of my tools and resources for integration strategies and Ideas for any teacher who is looking for Web 2.0 tools to integrate.  I hope that you find these tools useful.

NOTA – Take notes and more!!

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This is a new one.  I have been testing out many note-taking Web 2.0 tools and love this one.  Create a free Nota page at www.nota.com  and allow others to edit and/or comment.  It reminds me a little of voicethread, but allows for much more.  Check out the how to page. http://notaland.com/cappy/8591  It is so easy post photos, clipart, google maps, movies and more…. Jpeg, png, bmp, gif, mp3, swf, doc, xls, ppt, pdf, and any other formats are allowed. Big image files will be automatically compressed.  I’m thinking (virtual fieldtrips, digital stories…J, collaborative projects etc… ) Embed the page or share the link. Get students to build content and collaborate.  They will love this one!   It’s a wiki, but without the boundaries.  Leave me a comment or join and edit my page.   http://notaland.com/ccapozzoli/9869  

Have fun with this one.  Oh wait, are we

CCDT-Colaborative Curriculum Design Tool

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Happy Friday Everyone,

I was just reading and catching up on my blogs and I stumbled across this interactive curriculum design tool. It is part of Harvard Graduate School of Ed.  WOW … if it comes out of Harvard, it’s got to be pretty good.  The tool models the principles of the The Teaching for Understanding Framework.  This is the link they provide for TFU design principles. http://learnweb.harvard.edu/ent/workshop/ccdt_framework.cfm  

This curriculum building tool is not like most, but sure looks very effective.  Our district is currently using the LFS framework and online toolbox to build curriculum and it is working for us.  However, I do know that not everyone is using the LFS structure or tools, yet still need something for interactive and collaborative curriculum design. If you are looking for an effective online curriculum design tool, the CCDT might be worth investigating. 

Oh did I mention it’s FREE, imagine that one, me send a free resource.  J  Register, and watch the tutorial. It will guide you through steps for building curriculum content. 

http://learnweb.harvard.edu/ccdt/index.cfm  Register here.

http://www.markmillar.info/ccdt  multimedia tutorials here.

Pencil – Free Animation Software

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I had to share this new one!!  It’s called Pencilhttp://www.les-stooges.org/pascal/pencil/  It’s an animation software application really designed for Macs, but works well on PCs too.  Do you have students who can draw and want to make real hand-drawn animations. Those students who thrive in Art Classes or creative hands-on projects (so me) will have creative outlets in other classes if they are given the opportunity to tap into their learning style preference.  They could make you some great content based animations or cartoons.  See if you can get some students to learn it and test it out.

It is quite simple to use.  See the User Manual http://www.les-stooges.org/pascal/pencil/index.php?id=UserManual  for more detail.  I just drew my first character added some key frames and a sound and it really didn’t take much.  Check it out. 

Have fun!!

Truetube – Debatable Video Topis

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This is a great site to generate debates about contreversial topics.  http://www.truetube.co.uk/  Many topics to discuss and debate with students from ages 12-25.  I found the site to be quite interesting and informative.  Current issues and topics that can be brought right into the classroom. I would love to see this site used at the HS level.  I am sure that it would spark many new ideas, thoughts and opinions.   There are also many teacher resources to help you get started. http://www.truetube.co.uk/teachers2a.html  Check it out!!

Swiss Man Soars with DiVinci’s Design

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This was so cool, I came across this article from one of my favorite blogs http://www.geeksaresexy.net/2008/04/29/swiss-man-proves-after-500-years-that-da-vincis-parachute-works/  to see a swiss man use Leonardo’s parachute design.  It really worked and the man sailed safely to the ground.  Check it out and see for yourself.  Leonardo, a man before his time, a genius and true visionary for the future.

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