Nota – Cool Web2.0 Tool!!

Posted in Educational Tech. by ccapozzoli on April 28, 2008

This is a new one.  I have been testing out many note-taking Web 2.0 tools and love this one.  Create a free Nota page at www.nota.com  and allow others to edit and/or comment.  It reminds me a little of voicethread, but allows for much more.  Check out the how to page. http://notaland.com/cappy/8591  It is so easy post photos, clipart, google maps, movies and more…. Jpeg, png, bmp, gif, mp3, swf, doc, xls, ppt, pdf, and any other formats are allowed. Big image files will be automatically compressed.  I’m thinking (virtual fieldtrips, digital stories…J, collaborative projects etc… ) Embed the page or share the link. Get students to build content and collaborate.  They will love this one!   It’s a wiki, but without the boundaries.  Leave me a comment or join and edit my page.   http://notaland.com/ccapozzoli/9869  

Have fun with this one.  Oh wait, are we allowed to have fun and teach at the same time?  Of course!!  J 

Happy Monday!


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  1. cappy said,

    Hi, I’m a resident of notaland, cappy. Thank you very much for your post!

    The URL is http://notaland.com/ 🙂

    Enjoy Nota!

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